Whatever your vision needs, the staff at Perigo Family Eye Care can help you find the right solution — for your lifestyle and your budget. That includes helping you determine which glasses or contact lenses make the most sense for the way you live and work, if specialty glasses are necessary because of your job or hobby, or if you should consider non-eyewear options such as laser surgery. (We work with a broad network of specialists and will be happy to make referrals based on your needs) .


Walk into any eye care center, and you’re likely to see the same general selection of frames that other vision centers carry. That’s because many of these businesses, as well as the lens makers and laboratories, are now owned by only a handful of large companies.

More Choice, Variety

At Perigo Family Eye Care, we’re independent. So we can offer more choices and more variety ― including styles and brands you might not find at big name vision centers.

Specialty Glasses

Lifestyle can play an important role in the type of eyewear you choose. From prescription sunglasses to safety glasses, Perigo Family Eye Care offers a variety of specialty eyewear solutions designed to provide optimal vision in a variety of settings and circumstances.

We’ve Got You Covered

Depending on the specific activity you’re involved in, we can help you decide if special eyewear or an option such as disposable contact lenses is the right option.


Perigo Family Eye Care offers an array of eyeglass lenses to meet your individual vision requirements. Our skilled opticians will help you sort through the array of lens types, materials and coatings, so you can choose the lenses that work best for your situation.

Lense Types

The following are some of the common lens types that our optical staff will discuss with you. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a good option for people who prefer not to wear glasses. And now, thanks to advances in technology and materials, a variety of contact lenses are available for people with specific eye problems such as dry eyes and astigmatism.
We will also take the time to help you select the kind of contact lens that will best meet your lifestyle needs ― and ensure you get the best comfort and vision, even if it means trying out several different types of lenses.